Apartment Life (Part Three)

Apartment Life (Part Three)

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Susan hung up the phone after 911 said someone was on the way.

She wasn’t going to sit there waiting for an ambulance when her son might be in danger. Whatever had hurt that Trena girl could hurt him, too. Who the hell is… She remembered a girl with that name, but she was much too young for Ronnie. No, not her.

She cinched the front of her robe and headed for the door. “She’s only 12, maybe 13, for God’s sake,” she said to the empty entryway. She grabbed her keys off the nearby hook as she opened the door, then turned the knob lock and slammed the door shut behind her.


Ronnie sat down beside Trena on the landing. Her eyes were closed again, but he could tell from the slight rise and fall of her chest that she was breathing. He had never seen an unconscious person before that day, and he was the one who had knocked her out.

Unlike before he left her to get his mom, her face showed no sign of pain. She looked peaceful. She looked young. Disgusted with himself, he stood and walked away, his second step a windup to kick the wall. Regaining his presence of mind, he used the momentum to turn on the ball of his foot.

“You stupid chickenshit!” he yelled. Trena lay there twisted, possibly broken, and he couldn’t even kick a wall without fear of hurting himself.

If only he’d been content to listen to his music and then go to bed, none if this would have happened.

He hated his sexual desire. It seemed to direct nearly everything he did. Whatever might get him in contact with the opposite sex, he did it, whether he knew his true motive or not. He longed for the days when he could kiss a girl and tackle her in the same recess period without his hormones getting involved.

He heard the front door open. That was fast, he thought.

“Ronnie?” his mother called.

“Over here, Mom.”

She gasped as she rounded the corner into the living room. “Oh my God. What happened?” She rushed to Trena’s side and placed two fingers on her wrist.

“Did you call 911? Are they coming?”

“Yes, son. You didn’t answer my question.”

“We were upstairs talking and when we started back down, she fell. I tried to catch her, Mom.” his voice broke. “I think she’s really messed up.”

“Well, she has a pulse.” Susan stroked Trena’s hair, then spoke to her. “Help’s on the way, sweetie.”

She turned to Ronnie. “What were you doing bringing her to a vacant apartment late at night?”

“I don’t know. I just wanted to hang out with somebody, and she lives right across the way.”

“She’s 12, son.”

“No, 13.”

“It doesn’t matter. There’s a big difference between 13 and 15.”

“Can we talk about this later, Mom?”

Susan took a deep breath. “Yes. That’s a good idea. Besides, the paramedics should be here soon.”

They sat in the entryway, their backs against the plain white wall, Trena still in their line of sight. Susan put her arm around Ronnie and pulled him in close. He sobbed.

“I didn’t mean it, Mom. I was just… we were… she’s gotta be okay, Mom.”

Ronnie had dried up most of his tears when the paramedics arrived.

“Where’s the patient?” asked a woman with dirty blond hair.

“She’s on the landing,” Susan said. She pointed. “Over there.”

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  1. Thanks. I was hoping I injected enough of his feelings without going overboard.

    Yeah, it was a little short. I had to be at work three hours early this morning, and father-in-law was in town all weekend, so this one was a quickie last night. I usually get a few good chapters written over a weekend, and then it’s easy doling for the coming week. Now we have more visitors coming. aaauggghhhh!!