Falcon is a sci-fi novella told through the eyes of a man who takes people back in time for a living, and gets in trouble with the law, all while getting to know himself. I posted new chapters as I wrote them.

Now, I am working at getting it published, so I have removed it from my blog.

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  1. Hey Mark–
    I’ve read up to ch.8 so far and this a damn fine story. Good concept, plot, characters — fine work.

    [In case you’re wondering, found you from Whedonesque, linked to your Dallas audio files of Adam Baldwin et al.]

    Thanks for posting the story. You shopped it around at all?


  2. Dan – Thanks for reading, and for commenting. Feel free to share with anybody you think might enjoy it. I still need to polish out some typo’s and there are even a few major changes I’d like to make. The latter is mostly a symptom of posting it as I wrote it — you’re reading a first draft! (but I still think you’ll like what’s to come.)

    I haven’t shopped it around, but I’m open to suggestions.

    Thanks again.

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