I Published My First Book

I Published My First Book

Front cover star trails photo and meager design by yours truly.

Some of you who subscribe to this now-sporadic blog might like to know that I have published my first book. I put my serial novella Falcon into one document, then revised and edited it and prepared it for publication.

Some of you probably read the first version more than 10 years ago, when I posted chapters as I wrote them. A few readers commented and I used their feedback while making my final revisions.

Early reviewers (4.8/5 stars) agree it is an engaging tale, and some say it evoked deeply held memories of or stories from the 1970’s. Those from hundreds of years in the future have not commented on whether or not I nailed that part.

Feel free to buy the eBook for 99 cents, or the paperback for $9.95. I appreciated your support when I first wrote it, and I would appreciate it again.


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